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Master of the Jinn: A Sufi Novel can be ordered from any local bookstore, or from these online sources. It is available as a paperback from in the US and Europe, and can be read in seven languages. See below for details:

Please contact the publisher to place an order by e-mailing or by calling toll free at 866-308-6235 option 6. There is a 40% discount for all bookstore and library orders.

MASTER OF THE JINN EBOOK is available from Google Books and Amazon:

1. Master of the Jinn is an Ebook from Google Books for only $3.82, which you can read on the Web, or on a Tablet, iPad, Nook, Sony, or Smartphone. To order, click HERE.

2. Master of the Jinn is available as a Paperback and Ebook in the US for only $4.99 Just click HERE to order.

WORLD ENGLISH EDITIONS -  Ebook and Paperback

England UK Click HERE.

Canada -Click HERE.

France, in English - Click HERE.

Germany, in English - Click HERE.

Spain, in English - Click HERE.

Italy, in English - Click HERE.

Japan, in English Click HERE.

Brazil, in English - Click HERE.


Master of the Jinn has been translated and published in Indonesia (Sang Raja Jin), Turkey (Cinlerin Efendisi), Russia (Povelitel dzhinnov), Germany (Meister der Jinn), Croatia (Gospodar demona), Spanish (El Maestro de los Jinn), and Malayalam, the language of the Kerala state of India (Jinnukalude Nadhan). It was also published in India in English, and is being translated into Urdu and Bengali.

To Order the various editions, click the links below:

English – Master of the Jinn: A Sufi Novel

India in English – Master of the Jinn: A Sufi Novel

India in English Ebook - Master of the Jinn: A Sufi Novel

India, in Malayalam – Jinnukalude Nadham – Paperback

Spanish - El Maestro de los Jinn - Paperback

Spanish – El Maestro de los Jinn – Ebook

Indonesian – Sang Raja Jin – Paperback

Indonesian - Sang Raja Jin - Ebook

German – Meister der Jinn - Paperback

Croatian – Gospodar demona - Paperback

Croatian – Gospodar demona - Ebook

Turkish – Cinlerin Efendisi – Paperback

Russian – Повелитель джиннов (Poveliteldzhinnov) – Hardcover

Russian - Повелительджиннов (Povelitel dzhinnov) -Google EBOOK


In the Name of the Merciful, 10% of all profits go to charity.

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